smartcel Ceramic

smartcel Ceramic 
Application The smartcel filament enriched with high performance ceramic grain
is suitable for deburring various materials. Depending on the requirements,
different grain sizes and ceramic contents are used. The
natural smartcel filament does not melt or smudge, even at higher
temperatures. The abrasive particles are fully effective, even under
low contact pressure.

smartcel Ceramic contains high performance ceramic grain homogeneously
distributed. Thanks to the specific geometry of the grain,
deburring has been lifted to a new performance level. High temperature
resistance allows working at high speeds.

Temperature Resistance Up to 160°, no melting or smudging
Dimensional Tolerances +/- 10%
Storage Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Dry
storage at 20°, at a humidity of
40 – 60%.
Resistance Good resistance towards non-polar
solvents such as oil, gasoline,
acetone and benzene and towards
acids and alkaline solutions in the
ph-range of 5 to 8.
Density 1.54 g/cm³
Environment bio-degradable
Impact The high ceramic content and the rough particle surface maximizes
the amount of contact points between ceramic particle and workpiece
and thus increases the material removal performance. A reduced heat
build-up at higher speeds paves the way for increasing cycle times.
Deburring with smartcel Ceramic filaments opens up new performance
dimensions that up to now have only been achieved with grinding
wheels in combination with the advantages of flexible brushes.
Dimensions 0.10 – 0.70 mm, depending on the grain diameter
Standard color: light-blue
Grain size: K120, K180, K360, K800
Delivery Form Hank, approximately 1050 mm
Operating Instructions Operate in a dry working environment. Possible addition of small
amounts of oil. Do not use emulsions or water cooling. Operate with
contact pressure as low as possible.
Processing Instructions Bending the filaments excessively may cause them to break.