smartcel Cork

smartcel Cork
Application The smartcel filament enriched with cork is suitable for polishing
surfaces with paste. Various materials such as metal, wood, stone and
plastics can be polished to achieve a smoothing effect.
Roughness peaks of the surface structure are leveled and depending
on the type of polish, a material removal takes place resulting in a
smooth and glossy surface.

The ground cork is evenly distributed in the smartcel filament. Thanks
to the many pores of the ground cork, the absorption capacity of the
paste applied to polish is increased. Both cork and cellulose are
hydrophobic and very elastic.

Temperature Resistance Up to 160°, no melting or smudging
Water Absorption Up to 60%
Dimensional Tolerances +/- 10%
Storage Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Dry
storage at 20°, at a humidity of
40 – 60%.
Resistance Good resistance towards acids and
alkaline solutions in the
ph-range of 5 to 8.
Density 1.54 g/cm³
Environment bio-degradable
Impact Thanks to the improved absorption capacity of the smartcel Cork
filaments, less paste is used for the same polishing work. The abraded
particles result in an even better performance. smartcel Cork
polishing has a consistent impact on every unevenness.
Dimensions 0.06 – 0.70 mm
Standard color nature: brown
Delivery Form Hank, approximately 1050 mm
Operating Instructions Use oil-based paste.
Operate with contact pressure as low as possible.
Processing Instructions Bending the filaments excessively may cause them to break.