smartcel Crinol

smartcel Crinol 
Application Natural materials of consistent quality such as Tampico Fiber or
horsehair become increasingly difficult to acquire. Thus, we have
manufactured a smartcel filament enriched with crinol. It is made
from cellulose, without functional additives. smartcel Crinol has the
qualities of a natural product and is the fill material for demanding

smartcel Crinol is manufactured synthetically and hence has consistent
dimensions and quality features. High stiffness, high temperature
resistance and the absorption of large amounts of water are among its

Temperature Resistance Up to 160°, no melting or smudging
Water Absorption Up to 60%
Dimensional Tolerances +/- 10%
Storage Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Dry
storage at 20°, at a humidity of
40 – 60%.
Resistance Good resistance towards non-polar
solvents such as oil, gasoline,
acetone and benzene and towards
acids and alkaline solutions in the
ph-range of 5 to 8.
Density 1.54 g/cm³
Environment bio-degradable
Impact smartcel Crinol behaves just like a natural fiber and thus is able to
replace them. smartcel Crinol has the advantage of consistent quality
Dimensions 0.06 – 0.70 mm
Standard color: orange
Special colors: possible.
Delivery Form Hank, approximately 1050 mm
Operating Instructions Operate in a dry working environment. Possible addition of small
amounts of oil. Do not use emulsions or water cooling. Operate with
contact pressure as low as possible.
Processing Instructions Bending the filaments excessively may cause them to break.



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