smartcel Seaweed

smartcel Seaweed

The smartcel filament enriched with seaweed contains the very best of
the Icelandic seaweed: vitamin E, for example. The nurturing qualities
of seaweed has a soothing and vitalizing effect on the skin. Seaweed is
also a sought-after additive for cosmetic products. In times of stress,
seaweed helps rejuvenate the body and soul much faster.



Temperature Resistance Up to 160°, no melting or smudging
Water Absorption Up to 60%
Dimensional Tolerances +/- 10%
Storage Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Dry
storage at 20°, at a humidity of
40 – 60%.
Resistance Good resistance towards acids and
alkaline solutions in the ph-range
of 5 to 8.
Environment bio-degradable
Impact Besides producing a massaging effect, smartcel Seaweed filaments
contain high amounts of antioxidants, protecting the skin from environmental
influences. Seaweed reduces skin damage and premature
skin aging caused by free radicals.
Dimensions 0.06 – 0.70 mm
Standard color nature: green brown
Delivery Form Hank, approximately 1050 mm
Operating Instructions The degree of softness of the filaments can be regulated by adding
dosed quantities of water.
Processing Instructions Bending the filaments excessively may cause them to break.