smartcel Silver

smartcel Silver 
Application The smartcel filament enriched with silver ions is used to prevent the
growth of bacteria. These filaments are recommended for the hygiene
sector or to prevent unpleasant odors caused by bacteria.

The silver ions added to the filaments effectively fight bacteria and
prevent their growth. Thanks to the water permeability und the
distribution of silver ions throughout the filament diameter, an active
and long lasting antibacterial depot is secured.

Temperature Resistance Up to 160°, no melting or smudging
Water Absorption Up to 60%
Dimensional Tolerances +/- 10%
 Storage Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Dry
storage at 20°, at a humidity of
40 – 60%.
Resistance Good resistance towards acids and
alkaline solutions in the
ph-range of 5 to 8.
Environment bio-degradable
Impact Equipping brushes antimicrobially, the silver ions of the smartcel
Silver filaments inhibit the growth of bacteria on the filaments and
prevent unpleasant odors. The mechanical work continues to be
processed by synthetic filaments.
Dimensions 0.06 – 0.70 mm
Standard color: only muted colors are possible
Delivery Form Hank, approximately 1050 mm
Operating Instructions The fill material only needs to have 3 – 5% of silver ions to effectively
equip a brush. Occasional bundles are sufficient due to the fact that
humidity helps distribute the silver ions throughout the brush.
Processing Instructions Bending the filaments excessively may cause them to break.