Development. Bold developing,
discover groundbreaking things.

“Innovation begins in the mind with a bold idea and the ‘courage to take risks'” (Björn Engholm)

Innovative spirit drives us into research. We are looking for development partners who will work with us to benefit from the possibilities offered by our test centers. Our long-standing cooperation with the leading Swiss brush manufacturer – zeintra AG – also gives us enormous opportunities. Where they take us depends on our courage.  Are you with us? Do you want to be part of this vision? We are enthusiastic about it and are already developing filaments that provide strong added value to companies in a wide range of industries.

We believe in your innovative strength and look forward to hearing from you.

You have ideas – we find the solutions.

Cellulose is the basis of our filaments. This 100% biodegradable and renewable product has advantages and disadvantages. In a closed cycle we add additives to a honey-like mass, spin it out and wash the solvent out again in a water bath. In the water, our thread melts by a factor of 3 in length and width, and the cellulose closes tightly around the additives.

After this chemical process, our filament is temperature resistant and thus offers a considerable advantage over plastic.

Our technology is patented

smartfilaments AG has exclusive rights to the technology for the production of these filaments. We want to share our knowledge and explore new opportunities together.