We work for and with nature.

Sustainable materials: Biodegradable, sustainable, vegan.

We are sustainable. And we have been ever since smartfilaments was born. From the beginning, we have enriched various industries with our first smart filament made of cellulose. Biodegradable, sustainable and vegan. That makes us proud. We care about your USP, but also about our nature.

We will continue to invest in research into sustainable filaments – the sensible alternative to conventional fill materials.

Develop products together with us that do no harm to anyone. Sustainability is a success factor that we like to chase after.

Produce your products sustainably with our filaments

Our production cycle

  • Plants: renewable raw material, vegan. We use this without animal additives.
  • Production: in Switzerland and Germany.
  • Filament: 100% sustainable, biodegradable and vegan.
  • Brush: twill and filament of the same material.
  • Compost: biodegradable, without microplastics.


The smartfilaments wellness brush is certified by the Vegan Society with the label “Vegan Flower”.

In addition to the ready-to-use wellness brush, the certificate was also granted for smartcell Crinol fibers.

The Vegan Society is an organization based in Birmingham, Great Britain. The certificate certifies that our smartfilaments products are made from 100% vegetable-based fibers (wood cellulose). We are allowed to market this prestigious label for all our products in the territories of the European Union, Canada, Australia, India and the USA.

smartfilamens is proud to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our technology is patented

smartfilaments AG has exclusive rights to the technology for the production of these filaments. We want to share our knowledge and explore new opportunities together.

A variety of materials

We bring your USP into the filament.

Which ingredient serves your process, your application? In our production we can integrate a wide variety of materials into the filament. We enrich your personal filament with exactly the specific material that fits your needs perfectly. Optimize your production processes with smartfilaments.

Latest technologies in use

We are constantly developing our materials so that we are ready to respond to your needs. smartfilaments invests in research to uncover undiscovered potential. The possibilities are enormous. Entrepreneurs who work with us can benefit from this innovative power.