success story Two hundred times finer than “exact” at Gerber AG

Deburring. Rounding. Polishing.

At Gerber Maschinenbau in Lyss, calculations are made in “µ”. That means two hundred times finer than a hair! Gerber Maschinenbau has been supplying machines for the production of high-precision parts for decades. Be it for the automotive industry, medical technology, the tool or watch industry. An elementary component of these machines are brushes. An address for all those who have to deburr, polish or round objects of any size, shape or type. Gerber Maschinenbau has made a name for itself worldwide.

Strong in a niche thanks to high precision

Gerber Maschinenbau is a typical Swiss company. It has established itself for over 60 years in the field of “deburring, polishing and rounding”. Parts in various shapes and sizes are processed in the machines with brushes. With the unique filament of smartfilaments AG, diamond grains of various sizes are added – these are homogeneously distributed in the filament and lead to a perfect result. Gerber Maschinenbau can thus save itself the cleaning intensive work of diamond paste. Millions and millions of parts made of metal, steel, ceramics or glass are produced daily with these machines. “Many of the applications are slightly individual and therefore our customers also need individually built and programmed machines. This is where we are strong and can differentiate ourselves from the big players,” explains Marco Schori, Managing Director of Gerber Maschinenbau AG. The innovative company sells its machines all over the world.


Swissness pure.

Gerber Maschinenbau continues to focus on its core business: the manufacture of machines in high product quality – and this in cooperation with other companies from Switzerland who are pursuing the same goal. smartfilaments AG is proud to supply Gerber Maschinenbau with the diamond filament, a unique selling point. Pure Swissness: We wish the company continued success.