success story: A product for body and soul.

zeintra AG makes more out of bristles

The brush company zeintra AG from Eastern Switzerland produces a brush for the wellness area.

The brush is equipped with bristles, which are mixed with functional additives for skin care.

zeintra has been the specialist for technical brushes for more than 100 years and supplies customers with a wide standard assortment. However, the company is especially adept in the production of individual brushes. zeintra brushes optimize processes because they are individually manufactured according to customer requirements.

Peeling and care

Today it is possible to provide bristles with a functional additive. “We quickly became aware of the potential this offers”, says Dominik Rothenberger, customer consultant of zeintra AG. “We wanted to produce a brush that is sustainable, looks good and offers the customer added value”.

So zeintra produced brushes with bristles made of cellulose with filaments from the purest Icelandic sea layers. This wellness brush nourishes and protects the skin with natural minerals and vitamins. With every skin care product, the bristles release some of their high-quality ingredient onto the skin. So with this brush you peel the skin and nourish it at the same time. “We are delighted with this high-quality product with an olive wood body. A thoroughly sustainable object”.


The smartfilaments wellness brush is certified by the Vegan Society with the label “Vegan Flower”.

In addition to the ready-to-use wellness brush, the certificate was also granted for smartcell Crinol fibers.

The Vegan Society is an organization based in Birmingham, Great Britain. The certificate certifies that our smartfilaments products are made from 100% vegetable-based fibers (wood cellulose). We are allowed to market this prestigious label for all our products in the territories of the European Union, Canada, Australia, India and the USA.

smartfilamens is proud to contribute to a more sustainable future.